How does that magic button work ???

It takes your Ratio and divided it by the amount of carbs, this tells us the amount of insulin for the meal. Then it looks at your current BG and minused the ideal BG and times it by the insulin correct factor. Then you add the two together to get the insulin you need. It is as simple as magic. This is very little maths for a lot of effort by you, sorry.

★ Carbohydrate Ratio: The ratio of 1 unit to a certain amount of carbs. So I have 1 unit for 10 Carbs.
★ Insluin Correction Factor: The amount of mg/dL that will drop if you have 1 unit. So I have 36 mg/dL per unit
★ Active Insulin: The amount of insulin that you still have from you last injection (Not need for calc if you don't know)
Mini Converter:

Change mmol/l to mg/dl using this mini converter
(This not a perfect conversion and should be checked before use, sorry)

mmol/l = mg/dl

Insulin CalculatorWant to know how many units to do? Then look no further !
Carbohydrate Ratio* 1 Unit : ⨯ Grams
Carbohydrate Content of meal grams
Insluin Correction Factor* 1 Unit : ⨯ Change in mg/dL
Current Blood Glucose mg/dL
Target Blood Glucose mg/dL
Active Insulin* Units
Insulin for carbohydrate in meal: units
Correction to Dose Of Insulin: units
Dose Of Insulin for meal: units
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